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That knowing feeling that that sooner or later you are going to have to deal with something or someone that has brought your primary infrastructure to a grinding halt used to keep some of our customers awake at night.

Now that they have a Plan B in place, they rest a little easier knowing that with Virtiant they now have the industry’s only stand-alone, all-in-one disaster recovery platform to swiftly spin-up their virtual machines at a moment’s notice and ensure that their end-users remain productive during any type of IT disruption.

With Virtiant, our customers have reduced their secondary ‘disaster recovery’ infrastructure costs by 55% or more, sleep better at night and more importantly, they don’t get that dreaded call from you know who!

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  • Removing the cost and complexity of multi-point solutions in your DR environment.

  • Eliminate the need for Site Recovery Manager

  • Running Virtual machines during a failover over and recovery.

  • Hot migrate back to your primary infrastructure.

  • Scalable hyper-converged infrastructure to manage data growth.

  • Load balance virtual machines between local, cloud or hybrid disaster recovery environments during regular production.

  • Test failover and disaster recovery without disturbing your regular day-to-day operations.